On the other side of every ad, email blast, account number and URL is a HUMAN - a sensory being, a decision-maker, an influencer, a consumer and someone who is potentially your BEST customer. Are you ready to take A Human Approach to reach them?

Sensory Media

“...Those wise enough to adopt Jae’s approach will profit greatly from it ...”

~ David Woods, President & CEO, AiA Corporation, Neenah, WI

DISCOVER the Way to Anchor Your Brand and Be Memorable

Hello, I'm Jae Rang. I've been studying the effect of promotional products on humans for a few decades.

As marketers and business owners, we often have a love/hate relationship with this stuff. We love it because, well, people love receiving gifts. We hate it because it costs money and we don’t believe we can measure its effect.

The fact is 3-D promotional products make for POWERFUL marketing ... when you do it right!

If you’re seriously looking for that edge and want your brand to be memorable, “SENSORY MEDIA” is the ticket.

Sensory Media Book by Jae M. Rang MAS

“...Given Jae’s extensive study in self development and the workings of the mind, I’m not the least bit surprised she has brought this study to the realization that promotional products are “sensory media”.

It’s true. You interact with the brand through the product and the messaging it contains...”

~ Bob Proctor, Best-selling author of “You Were Born Rich”

“...This book reframes promotional products as a major player in a business building strategy. It’s a must-read for anyone that wants to “Succeed deliberately”.

~ Ann Elliott, Leadership Strategist, Berkana Company, Columbia S.C.


“...The impact is far more profound than I realize, and the process of being purposeful in choosing is one I’m implementing starting immediately.”

~ Amy Stoehr, Executive Coach, McLean International, Colorado

“ Jae Rang makes a brilliant case for how such products can be regarded as sensory media and as an integral part of a marketing strategy.”

~ Ed Laba, Ed Laba and Associates, Mississauga, Ontario

What Are You Waiting For... ?



Jae M. Rang, MAS is the Chief Inspiring Officer of JAE associates Ltd., a full service promotional marketing firm. The company’s mission is Inspiring Results on Purpose® and they help business leaders around the globe build better relationships. Jae’s continuous study of the mind led to the discovery of the impact that promotional material has on humans.

SENSORY MEDIA describes its interactive nature and that by incorporating more of our senses we can create memorable brand experiences. Jae has won a multitude of national Image awards for creative campaigns, is the Past Chair of the Promotional Product Professionals of Canada (PPPC), Chair of the PPPC Scholarship program, 2011 Inductee into the PPPC Hall of Fame, 2014 recipient of the PPPC Humanitarian Award, a 2015 Judge for Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) and most importantly, is William’s mom. Jae is people-focused, results-oriented and community-spirited.

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